In this blog I’m going to explain about SQL and NoSQL, also this post would give you a brief idea about What is SQL ,What is NoSql?, Advantages and Disadvantages of SQL and NoSQL, Finally we talk about differences of SQL and NoSQL.

What is the SQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and…

Spring boot is the open-source framework. Spring boot framework use the layer architecture. Spring framework many integrated technologies these are,

  • Transaction Management.
  • Interaction with the different databases.
  • Integration with the Object Relationship frameworks.

Annotations are very important in spring we can't anything without annotations. Spring boot annotations are give us…

In this tutorial I’m going to teach about HTTP Method in RESTful Services. Restful services are used to do the crud operations. These crud operations are…

  • Create
  • Read/Retrieve
  • Update
  • Delete

When this crud operations are operating in RESTful services these services has guideline on HTTP methods. That guidelines are help…

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